Alle Menschen (werden Brüder)


‘AMWB’ is an ongoing visual research into the perception and prejudices that exist in relation to migration within Europe (Schengenzone).

By photographing a wide variety of people and places in the trail of migration, I want to blur the distinctions, making it more difficult for viewers to trust their first impressions, perception or their media-trained instincts.

What if what you see is not what you thought you saw?

Through photography I try to create a visual unanimity in order to shed the labels we are given and to rehumanize the people I photograph, regardless of who they are. Don't we all have to eat, sleep, love, shower, travel, want freedom and safety, in search of the best life?


“Alle Menschen werden Brüder” (All people become Brothers) is an extract from the European anthem, referring to the brotherhood of a united nation.

It is exactly this unity that is lacking in the European approach to the influx of refugees, resulting in a humanitarian crisis.

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