Project FOMU (Photo Museum Antwerp) + Red Cross + KdG

In July 2017, FOMU organised a 6 days workshop on photography, in cooperation with Red Cross refugee centers and the department of Photography at KdG University College.

Session 1: 7 residents worked intensively on the subject 'What is Belgium'. They learned about the basic concepts of photography, both in terms of content and technology, and applied them to the theme. 

Session 2: 6 photography students joined the workshops. They mingled with the residents which created a fascinating and stimulating synergy. What linked them is the look at their (new) country, which they expressed in their photos.

The combination of working with digital cameras, smartphones, analog disposable cameras and 6x6 TLR's produced a range of spontaneous images providing a personal view of daily life in Belgium.

The workshops were directed by Gideon Hakker and myself.

Results will be exhibited in September 2017 in FOMU.

© Ans Brys

© Ans Brys

Project FOMU (Photo Museum Antwerp) & Red Cross

During the summer months of 2016, FOMU organised an intensive photography program, in cooperation with 4 Red Cross refugee centers. 12 residents worked with digital cameras, smartphones, analog disposable cameras and polaroids in order to explore 'This is me'.

Concepts such as identity, home and society are central, but above all, the pleasure of photographing prevails. The profile of the participants differs greatly: women and men, young people and the elderly, also their country of origin is rarely the same.

The workshops were guided by Gideon Hakker and myself.

The results were exhibited as part of Braakland in November 2016.

© Ans Brys

© Ans Brys

Photobook Design Masterclass

In May 2016, I was selected to be one of the 12 photographers to participate on the Photobook Design Masterclass and got the opportunity to work with Jim Casper (Lensculture), Teun van der Heijden and Sandra van der Doelen (Heijdens Karwei).

Session 1: we worked over three days to explore potential concepts and designs for our own (and each others) photobook, discussing the stories, images, ideas, sequence, edits, flow and format for each project.

Session 2: two weeks later we all returned to Amsterdam with hand-made photobook dummies (work in progress), which would be refined and revised in order to produce near-final book dummies.

© Winifred Chiocchia (Lensculture)

© Winifred Chiocchia (Lensculture)

2013 participant NOOR NIKON MASTERCLASS in Bayeux

During the 20th edition of the Bayeux-Calvados Award for war correspondents (October 7 - 13, 2013), NOOR and Nikon organised a masterclass in Conflict Photography. I was selected to be one of the participants.

From October 10 - 12, ten young photographers had the possibility to show and discuss their work and share experiences with NOOR photographers Alixandra FazzinaStanley Greene and NOOR’s managing director Evelien Kunst. The Masterclass ended with a session on digital data security, presented by Grégoire Pouget from Reporters Without Borders. Special thanks also to Guillaume Cuvillier from Nikon.


Read the first and second blog report on this Masterclass.

Check out the great work of all of the participants.

© Guillaume Cuvillier (Nikon)

© Guillaume Cuvillier (Nikon)

2012 EXPO World Aids Day in BTC

On November 30, 2012 BTC (Belgian Development Agency) organised several lectures on the occasion of World Aids Day. One of the speakers was Mark Heywood, a prominent South African activist for the rights of people with HIV and for the right to health.

22 of my images on HIV/AIDS were exposed in the BTC building from 30/11 - 04/03, 2013.

BTC, Hoogstraat 147, 1000 Brussels, Belgium

© Ans Brys

© Ans Brys

2011 EXPO International Women's Day

On March 4, during the symposium on the International Women's Day 2011, 20 images of my series on HIV/AIDS (and its impact on women and girls in Rwanda) will be exposed in Plantijn University College.

Campus Lange Nieuwstraat 101, 2000 Antwerp, Belgium

2010 EXPO HIV/AIDS in IHAEC (Designers Against Aids)

On December 1st 2010 (World Aids Day) a selection of my images on HIV/AIDS was exposed during the opening of IHAEC (International HIV/AIDS Awareness Education Center) in Deurne.

IHEAC hosts international students, teaching them how to set up successful HIV prevention and awareness programs, using the same pop culture based methods as used by DAA (Designers Against Aids). The students take this knowledge home, to build up equally successful campaigns in their countries of origin.

Grapheusstraat 50, 2100 Deurne, Belgium