Project FOMU (Photo Museum Antwerp) + Red Cross + KdG

In July 2017, FOMU organised a 6 days workshop on photography, in cooperation with Red Cross refugee centers and the department of Photography at KdG University College.

Session 1: 7 residents worked intensively on the subject 'What is Belgium'. They learned about the basic concepts of photography, both in terms of content and technology, and applied them to the theme. 

Session 2: 6 photography students joined the workshops. They mingled with the residents which created a fascinating and stimulating synergy. What linked them is the look at their (new) country, which they expressed in their photos.

The combination of working with digital cameras, smartphones, analog disposable cameras and 6x6 TLR's produced a range of spontaneous images providing a personal view of daily life in Belgium.

The workshops were directed by Gideon Hakker and myself.

Results will be exhibited in September 2017 in FOMU.

© Ans Brys

© Ans Brys